Chronic Illness Survivorship

Prolonged stress can lead to worsening of symptoms as well as added adverse effects such as frustration, anger, hopelessness, and even depression. Conversely, learning to manage stress effectively when dealing with a chronic condition will lead to a more positive physical and emotional outlook on life. Our mission at Integrative Outreach is to help lessen the physical and emotional burden of circumstantial stress for individuals and their partners.

Using methods such as yoga, meditation, TRE®, and massage therapy, Integrative Outreach has developed workshops that allow participants to not only learn about, but also practice holistic stress-relieving techniques.

Integrative Outreach offers both pre-designed and completely customizable workshops to meet the needs of organizations and individuals we serve.

Please contact us for more information about Integrative Outreach’s programs tailored specifically to those with chronic illnesses and families.