Our Story


I am Gayle and for almost two decades I’ve provided massage therapy and bodywork services to women and men as they walk through seasons of extraordinary strain. Devastating medical conditions, debilitating chronic disease with long-term financial strain, unresolved trauma and unrelenting daily stress can levy a significant toll on individuals, their partners and their relationships. Through the years I’ve seen, first-hand, the restorative power of massage therapy, meditation, yoga and other stress relieving modalities in the lives of individuals and in their relationships.

The benefits of these techniques are consistent and well documented. So what keeps those with the deepest need from incorporating these safe and highly effective stress relieving disciplines?

The four roadblocks are: Convenience. Cost. Capability. Commitment.

Integrative Outreach has created workarounds to these roadblocks and opened the door to self-empowerment, improved stress resilience and enhanced relationships by providing educational group workshops taught by caring, highly qualified, licensed practitioners in fun, casual, and welcoming environments. In these workshops where participants learn, experience and take away as their own the well documented best practices for home-based stress management…without recurring expense.

These practices will empower you, or the populations you serve, to create space to relax, restore and reconnect.

Join us as we bring it home,


Gayle Owens, LMT, TRE-C, RYT