Our Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of Integrative Outreach is to help lessen the physical and emotional burden of circumstantial stress for individuals and couples during times of illness, trauma recovery or unrest. We contract with experts in the wellness community to share their knowledge of the best practices in stress reduction and mindfulness in casual, welcoming workshop environments. Clients leave workshops equipped to implement these modalities, conveniently and without recurring expense, in their own home. After workshop support continues through our ongoing library of tutorial videos as well as our social media community.

Our focus is on empowering clients to:

  • Manage stress

  • Reduce physical/emotional pain

  • Improve stress resilience

  • Reinforce relationships


To educate, encourage and empower high stress populations in the benefits of applied mindfulness and stress reducing disciplines. 


  • Relax – Exploring the benefits and easily-applied relaxation strategies.

  • Restore – Restoring feelings of stability, strength and resilience.

  • Reconnect – Supporting couples determined to fortify their relationships despite extraordinary stress.