TRE® for Veterans

Studies from the Veterans Administration report PTSD rates to be as high as 20% in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and as high as 30% in Vietnam veterans. Many veterans remain undiagnosed experiencing a variety of detrimental symptoms before, during and after their transition home. Integrative Outreach has developed workshops to teach safe, effective, and efficient stress reducing techniques to high stress populations.

Using methods such as yoga, meditation, TRE©, and massage therapy, Integrative Outreach’s mission is to empower the populations we serve to reduce and manage stress. Our workshops are taught by caring, highly qualified, licensed practitioners in environments that allow participants to not only learn about, but also practice holistic stress-relieving techniques.

Using safe and effective movement disciplines, Integrative Outreach helps veterans access a level of self-driven stress relief. While this is therapeutic in its own right, it is also often a catalyst to helping individuals to become more willing to try other proven therapies. Please contact us for more information about Integrative Outreach’s programs tailored specifically to veterans.