Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is a series of easy and adaptable stretches that induce a gentle tremor or shaking throughout the body. This self-induced therapeutic tremor (SITT) is innate and natural to the human body and is one of the wonderful ways that we come pre-wired to cope with stressors.

Culturally, we’ve been encouraged to subdue this natural response, missing out on one of our own organic mechanisms for recovery. TRE® restores that knowledge to the body, empowers participants with an enhanced awareness of how their body stores stress, teaches self regulation, improved adaptability and leads to better personal resilience to the rigors of day to day life.

The process can be adapted to nearly any body type and is highly effective at casting off the burden of past and current stressors without the need to return to a stressful memory. TRE® is effective in relieving the challenging emotions associated with stress as well as releasing patterns of tension within the body.

TRE® can best be taught to groups and individuals in four to six hour-long sessions. Once the TRE® process is learned by the participant, the skill and its benefits become theirs for a lifetime. Consistently practiced even for short periods of time, TRE® easily becomes part of an effective home based wellness plan carrying no recurring expense!

The following video created by STAR Groups provides a quick overview of the TRE method.